Brendan Fillar

It is my desire and passion to help people struggling with chronic illness find the root cause, choose an effective treatment, and ultimately achieve sustained improvement in their symptoms and quality of life. After years of struggling with Lyme disease I have learned that for many chronic illnesses the root cause is related to pathogenic and toxicity issues. In other sections of this site I try to help explain this correlation and its impact. My hope is that the information provided on these issues, and all of the knowledge and experiences shared on this site, will help to guide and empower those struggling with chronic illness to take appropriate action to improve their health.


Learn about what inspired my passion to help others in finding improvement with their health.


View articles I have written regarding my personal struggle and treatments used in my journey with Lyme disease.


Included are links to websites that I have found helpful in dealing with pathogenic and toxic illnesses.

Never, never, never, give up.

-Winston Churchill