The following contain links to various companies or articles that I believe serve a great benefit to those dealing with chronic pathogenic and toxic illness.

Advising and/or Health Coaching Companies

Provide assistance with scheduling at a Hospital that provides Whole Body Hyperthermia and other alternative treatments for Lyme disease and related illnesses.  In addition, provide information on various recovery factors related to Lyme disease.


Lyme Support


Lyme and Cancer Services


Hospitals that provide Whole Body Hyperthermia and other alternative treatments

St. Georg Klinik


Sanoviv Medical Institute


Practitioners that provide information on and/or treatments for Lyme disease, mold, methylation, heavy metals, and other recovery factors.  May also refer patients to hospitals that provide Whole Body Hyperthermia.

Dr. Keri Topouzian


Dr. Alena Zweben


Dr. Neil Nathan


Sean Bean


The Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness


The primary points of information on Lyme disease and Co-infections

Basic Information about Lyme Disease

About Lyme Disease Co-Infections


Shedding light on the effects of retained gadolinium from Contrast MRI

Lighthouse Project


Companies that sell products that may help one live a healthier life

(Provide safety protection and detection devices for Electromagnetic Fields)


The Futon Shop

(Provide chemical free home furnishing and bedding)



(Provide various products including:  saunas, healing/heating pads, water filters, and other items)