For much of my adult working life, prior to acquiring Lyme disease, I worked in businesses management.  Since experiencing sustained improvement with my Lyme symptoms, I have tried to provide information to others with Lyme disease, cancer and/or other chronic illnesses that hopefully will help them achieve sustained improvement in their health.  Since, 2011 I have been doing this work through the company Lyme and Cancer Services (LCS), which I founded as a result of my personal struggle with Lyme disease.

The following is a brief summary of my journey with Lyme that brought me down this path in life.

In 2002 I contracted Lyme disease and thereafter began a brutal journey with the illness involving many years of suffering and loss. During the first four plus years of illness I tried numerous different treatments that provided minimal benefit or none at all. In 2007 I went to a clinic in Germany to receive whole body hyperthermia treatments, and with the aid of these treatments experienced sustained improvements with my symptoms and quality of life.  Since then I made myself available to help others who are dealing with Lyme disease and/or cancer that are considering hyperthermia treatment. LCS strives to help people understand what to expect and how to best prepare for the treatments; and provide information on other recovery factors that often need to be addressed for people to achieve long term sustained Improvement in their health. This information includes what I have learned from various practitioners, my personal experiences, and others dealing with Lyme that have received the same or similar treatments. Also, I am forever grateful to all those who have prayed for me, encouraged and/or helped me during this journey.  Your selfless giving has been an invaluable piece to the healing I have received.